Saturday, 26 January 2019

Children's Book Spotlight - Eleanor Hurl the Peculiar Girl by SL Kins

Eleanor Hurl the Peculiar Girl by SL Kins
Published 31st October 2018 by Blue Falcon Publishing 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis (from the publishers website)
Eleanor Hurl is a peculiar girl with an extraordinary imagination, which unfortunately has a nasty habit of getting her into trouble! Children will love this beautifully illustrated tale with a very important message – even the kookiest kid has something special to give!

My Thoughts
This is another great picture book, with an important message from Blue Falcon Publishing. I enjoyed the illustrations however, they are of a darker colour palette and therefore more appealing to an older audience as opposed to my 4 month old. Sticking with the darker theme, this would be a great story to read to children around Halloween time that isn't necessarily scary. However, I think that my class of children (4-5) may be a bit young as there are a couple of pages that I would say maybe aren't suitable for them and therefore I would say it would probably suit the 5-7 age range. 

As I've said in previous reviews of children's books I enjoy picture books that rhyme as they help to engage children and to support their understanding of rhythm, as well as being fun to read. This one had a lovely flow to it and was very easy to read, I didn't find myself stumbling over any of the rhymes at all. I also enjoy books with a message and this one had just that too. This would be a lovely book to use with children to tackle the topic of bullying and understanding how all children can be different and unique in their own way. The was lots of opportunities for discussion throughout. 

Overall I thought this was another lovely book with some great illustrations. I think it would definitely appeal to children in the 5-7 years age bracket and, although I don't think I could necessarily use it with my class, I will be recommending it to my fellow teachers. 


  1. This looks so cute! Thanks for sharing
    - Melissa

  2. How gorgeous and cute does this book look and sound. Great review.

  3. Great review, I absolutely love the cute cover this book looks and sounds like an adorable and amazing children's book. I'm really glad you fully enjoyed reading it Gemma. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.

  4. Nice review , sorry to ask but are you Gemma Romos OF Partridge publishing company.?

  5. LOVE the sound of this one! x