Saturday, 23 February 2019

Harry Potter Giveaway Unboxing

Stacey over at Whispering Stories was doing a Harry Potter themed giveaway on her Instagram and I was lucky enough to win all the wonderful goodies. I thought I would do an unboxing post for you as there was some great stuff. 

I received a wonderful big box filled with goodies. Everything was well packaged so everything arrived at my door safe and sound. 

The first thing I pulled out was this colouring set. Included is a 48 page colouring booklet, a build it yourself 3D Firebolt broom and 48 colourable gift tags. 

Also on the colouring theme was this lovely Harry Potter colouring book with some beautiful illustrations to colour in. 

Next was this Marauder's Map notebook. Who doesn't love stationary! 

Some Buttered Beer flavoured lip balm is up next from Little Shop of Lathers. It smells amazing, kind of like vanilla. 

 In this package we had a Hogwarts Crest keyring and some pin badges. I especially like the Dumbledore's Army one.  

Finally we have the items I was most excited about. These two Funko Pops. I've recently started collecting Funko Pops, mainly Harry Potter ones, so these will go great with my collection. On the left we have Augurey from Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindlewald and on the right we have Ginny Weasley with Tom Riddles Diary. 

So they were all the wonderful goodies in my giveaway package. I'm so pleased with them all. Thank you so much Stacey for providing me with the opportunity to win these. 


  1. Yay, so happy that you like them all. Good luck collecting pop funkos. It becomes an obsession after a while. I now have over 50 of them.

  2. HP will forever be an iconic collection

  3. Ohh great prize. The Ginny Weasley pop is going crazy over here. It's such a good pop

  4. That looks like an amazing box! I only have one set of the HP books but I definitely want to collect a few more things :)

  5. I am so jealous but still I am glad that it was you that won the giveaway.

    Gayathri @ Elgee Writes